Murakami's artworks are a wonderful invitation to the ocean floor. They
bring to mind the world of living things painted by Jakuchu Ito.
The art of dyeing involves multiple processes. Applying color to the inside of a
cloth on which a design has been created with glue、drying the cloth washing off the glue ・By
doing so, the dyer produces visual effects that are almost like those of a painting.
In"Wandering 2," Murakami presents us with exotic fish. The work's dense composition
gives depth to the harmony of blue and green, and the entangled seaweed evokes the ocean
current . A diverse set of fish appear in brilliant colors. The shimmering of the light on
the water's surface at the top of the work is also worth nothing . In "Play ." using shading
techniques, he makes a school of fish dramaticaally appear agaainst a daark ocean background
These works are the product of skills and knowledge that have been passed down through
generations. Murakami's works have a relaxing effect, and one's happiness increases just by
viewing them

解説:Alain Bzard

Moriji Murakami jolts our gazes with his overwhelming compositions,
characteristic of pure art. As seen in his works "Fantasy"and "PUPETT"shown
here, he uses dye, sumi ink, and gindei silver paint on silk to create rich forms
and a variety of objects.
Murakami breathes life into what up to now has not existed by eliminating perspective and
background, emphaizing the trivial and the minute.His usage of silk is also noteworthy.
This allows extremely detailed elements to form a beautiful cnsemble. Both "PUPETT"
which shows shadow pupetts, and the still life-like "fantasy" features abstract shapes such
as circles, ellipses, straight lines, curves, and various dots interspersed throughout.These
complex elements confuse our gaze, as we try to fined the contact point with reaity.
Murakami is an original artist with a sharp imagination and the ability to transform reality
into a pure artistic expression

explanation: Maria Dolores Arroyo